Photos of Mims


Have you ever ventured to Mims, Florida?

Many people don’t know of its rich history, majestic nature or picturesque farmhouses. Can you see yourself driving down US Highway 1 on a clear summer morning? The sun rises over the Indian River filling the sky with an indigo glow that turns into a bright blue reflection of water. Where shall you go first? Berry picking? A salt lake? Searching for Bigfoot? Let’s discover some highlights from this home to more than 7,000 residents on Florida’s Space Coast.

White Sands Buddhist Center

You don’t have to practice Buddhism to appreciate the beauty and tranquility of this monastery. Wooden signs posted to the trees lead you from the front gate to the grounds. Phrases such as “Right Speech,” “Right Action,” and “Right Effort,” put you in the right frame of mind. Massive granite statues line a central lake, taking your breath away, along with the three largest granite Buddha statues in the state. Interested in meditation? Weekly services, held in Vietnamese and English, are open to the public, just like the weekly grounds-keeping activities. Hey, this place doesn’t stay beautiful all on its own. It’s amazing how in the same space where kindness is practiced, a tragedy of hatred happened. Keep reading to find out.

Harry T. and Harriet V. Moore Memorial Park & Cultural Center

It’s Christmas Eve, the year is 1951. Balmy subtropical air kept Civil Rights Leader Harry T. Moore at home with his wife, Harriette. This volatile time in our history, when a new norm disrupted the old way of thinking, created freedom for many—though often at a great cost. This would be the last Christmas for the Moore’s. A bomb, strategically placed beneath their house, ended their lives, but not their story. From the ashes grew a mission that still sounds loud and clear today, from the Harry T. and Harriette V. Moore Cultural Complex in Mims.

Take a walk down memory lane to experience civil rights history through interactive exhibits in the Moore Museum. Honest dialogue, commemorative displays, and heartfelt truths provide a warm reception at the More Cultural Center. The grounds greenery and trees lay the perfect backdrop to the refreshing fountain and shaded gazebo in the Moore Memorial Park. Picnic tables line the outdoor pavilion, perfect for parties, events, and family gatherings. The Moore’s legacy is a vital piece of American history, kept alive in Brevard decades after they organized the first NAACP Branch or helped over 100,000 black voters in the state. Harry T. and Harriette V. Moore are honored as the first true civil rights activists in Florida, and part of what makes Mims memorable.

You know what else makes Mims amazing? Berries….

Ever After Farms and U-Pick Blueberries

Seasonal fruit brings people together at Ever After Farms, one of Florida’s favorite “U-Pick” blueberry farms. Nearly seventeen acres of land are the soil for neat rows of 33,000 blueberry bushes that harvest more than 75,000 pounds of blueberries each year. Now that’s a lot of pie!

Families enjoy a day on the farm during season, which runs from mid-March through the end of May, picking prima donna, emerald, and jewel varieties of blueberries. If that isn’t amazing enough, the farm offers complimentary tractor pulled hayrides, picnic area to enjoy all those yummy, juicy, finger-food sized morsels, and a mini petting zoo with baby sheep, rabbits, chickens, and even pigs! Still need more? They have a bakery marketplace. It just might be worth the ride to Mims for a delicious blueberry muffin or pie. And while you’ve decided to have dessert first anyway, your next stop could be the Salt Lake Wildlife Management Area for turkey season!

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