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Where the Past and Future Live in the Present

Have you ever seen a night launch? The sky erupts in bright colors, as if a sleeping sun has opened one eye to take a peak. Long before affectionately being known as “the gateway to nature and space” life began in Titusville. A people group, who kept no written record, gave us very little to go on from their sixth century, BCE, existence. Then, in the 80s, while crews bridged a pond, a story surfaced. More than 160 skeletal remains of indigenous people turned up, providing artifacts and clues to the past. Time jump to Titusville, circa 1960, where the Space Boom brings us one small step closer to the future, and it’s clear that yesterday and tomorrow coexist in Titusville today. But the story continues.

More than 46,000 residents call Titusville home. And can you blame them? Seated directly across the Indian River from the John F. Kennedy Space Center, Titusville is the eastern anchor of the High-Tech Corridor, buttressed by I-95, State Road 50 and US Highway 1. The city offers drivers accessible highway routes to southern Brevard County, the beaches, Daytona and Orlando. In June, 2019, Boeing announced plans to move its Space and Launch Headquarters from Virginia to Titusville, proving once again that the future lives in the present in this great city.

Living with Cats and Dogs

Downtown & Beyond

Downtown Titusville is booming! A stroll through the historic district reveals a culture rich in art and architecture. Can you see yourself here—watching live theater at the Titusville Playhouse or enjoying dinner and a movie in nearby Titus Landing? Perhaps you’re looking for inspiration? The Downtown Art Gallery, with five showrooms of elegant décor boasts beautiful artwork stylistically exclusive to each patron. You might find the perfect piece for your new home or the exact art to stage your open house. Why not take a look? Then, after a day of shopping and sight-seeing, relax in a century old hardware store. Did you read that correctly? Yes, you did. Playalinda Brewing Company welcomes you. The renovated hardware store turned brewery pairs local craft beers with shareable appetizers and sandwiches. And don’t fret, your furry friend is welcome—with pet friendly outdoor seating.

Do you where else pets are welcome?

Among the more than two dozen state parks within the Titusville city limits, three provide segmented off-leash dog parks. Good news, cats are welcome, too, though getting them to and from the car can sometimes prove difficult. Families love their pets, and family-oriented Titusville loves families. In fact, Titusville has three private schools, seven elementary schools, two middle schools, two high schools, and campuses for two colleges—the University of Central Florida and Eastern Florida State College. The EFSC campus sits next door to the Parish Medical Center, which served its first patient in 1958. In 2002, the center opened a 371,000-square-foot hospital to replace its older structure. You know what else? It became a member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network in 2014. If you ever need medical care, this is the place to find health. Maybe you’ll even feel well enough to play in the great outdoors.

Speaking of which…

Seashores & Sunshine

Remember those twenty-two parks and community spaces mentioned earlier? Here are some quick links to discover what activities they offer Titusville residents year-round:

By now, you’ve shopped. You’ve eaten. You’ve taken in a show or film. You’ve found the perfect accent piece to reflect your style. After a long day outdoors, it’s time to find some culture in the air conditioning. Follow me, please.

Police Officers and Native Americans

When most people talk about Titusville, Florida, they immediately mention The Kennedy Space Center. Hey, we didn’t name our county the “Space Coast” for nothing. At the Visitor Complex, imaginations run wild with retired rockets to climb and to touch. Steeped in our nation's space history, visitors view artifacts, interact with exhibits and experience a launch with IMAX films that put you right in the cockpit. Have kids? Send them to space camp. Zero gravity simulation reveals what it takes to become tomorrow’s astronaut. Maybe your kid fits the bill. Maybe they’re more the first responder type, like a firefighter or policeman.

Speaking of Police…

The American Police Hall of Fame and Museum was founded in 1960 as the nation's first law enforcement museum. The edifice holds a memorial dedicated to the more than 9,000 officers killed in the line of duty. Current and past trends in law enforcement are shared through interactive displays and simulators, plus a glimpse into the future, with a replica of the police car from the Blade Runner film.

If you’re into museums, here are a few others you won’t want to miss:

  • U.S. Space Walk of Fame Museum—Exhibits and education to preserve the history of the American Space program 
  • Veterans Memorial Center—Supports the over 70,000 Brevard County veterans and their families through sharing with the public the amazing acts our brave veterans have endured for our country and our freedom 
  • U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame—To honor and remember American Astronauts 
  • Brevard Museum of History and Natural Science—Two wings of indoor exhibits featuring Brevard’s history, artifacts, and donated items, with a special feature on the Ais Indians artifacts discovered near Windover Farms, plus more than 22-acres of natural wildlife trails 
  • Moore Memorial Museum and Park—National civil rights center that links the early civil rights pioneers to their impact on communities both locally and nationally 
  • Pritchard House—Based off Queen Anne architecture, this historical house features accessories, period furniture and other knick-knacks, preserved in downtown Titusville 
  • Valiant Air Command Warbird Air Museum—A collection of more than 45 warbirds from early aviation technology to contemporary evolutions 

Perhaps you’ve discovered some talking points of Titusville you didn’t know. Maybe you were reminded of places you’ve yet to see. In either case, Titusville is home to many, and could be home to you, too. If you’re looking to discover Titusville further, don’t go it alone. Please hire a REALTOR® professional to assist with the buying or selling of your real estate. Visit our Member Directory to find a Space Coast REALTOR® today. Still not swayed? Check out more about Titusville HERE and HERE, and check out this video resource on Titusville Talking points:

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