Space Coast Association of REALTORS® Committees


The Space Coast Association of REALTORS® currently has a number of committees and task forces that serve our community in a variety of different ways. Information about each of the Space Coast Association of REALTORS® committees can be found below.

Ad Committee logo

Advertising Committee

The purpose of this committee is to evaluate and recommend to the Board of Directors the most effective use of our advertising dollars for "Institutional Advertisement" to promote REALTORS® in a positive manner within the community.
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Brevard's Children in Need logo

Brevard's Children and Families in Need

The purpose of this committee is to be the fundraising arm for the Space Coast REALTORS® Charitable Foundation. Visit this page to learn more about our efforts to help children in need go from helpless to hopeful.
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Broker/Agent Roundtable Task Force logo

Broker/Agent Roundtable Task Force

Our purpose is to host quarterly Broker and Agent Roundtable meetings to bring the Brokers together to discuss current issues, network, and share ideas. Similar roundtable meetings will be held for agents.

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Budget & Finance Committee logo

Budget & Finance Committee

Purpose: Prepares the annual Space Coast Association of REALTORS® budget, and meets quarterly to recommend dues amounts, capital expenditures, and budget modifications to the Directors.

Chaired by the Association's Treasurer, this committee will meet approximately four times. Needed skills are knowing how to read financials and working with numbers.

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Business Partner Development logo

Business Partner Development

Purpose: The group will be responsible for developing and implementing a plan to increase our Business Partner membership.

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Commercial Investment Committee logo

Commercial Investment Committee

Purpose: To promote a comprehensive understanding of terms and procedures to aid REALTORS® to better serve their commercial clients. This shall be accomplished through training, marketing, and networking with established Commercial REALTORS® in our area. To inform our members of the latest economic trends and conditions that affects the commercial market. Allow our members to promote and present their commercial properties to the membership. Membership is free, but you can post all your commercial listings to the Total Commercial website for a fee of $20 per year.

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Community Outreach Committee Logo
Community Outreach Committee

Purpose: This committee will evaluate and recommend at least two community projects that the Association should be involved with and commit volunteers to address the needs of these projects. 
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Education Focus Group logo

Education Focus Group

This group will meet monthly to assist in the development of quality education programming to increase members' professionalism and skills.

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Global Committee logo

Global Committee

Purpose: To educate the REALTOR® family on how to conduct international real estate transactions with foreign nationals and understanding the cultural issues that are an integral part of working with global buyers and sellers. To find local business partners and introduce them to the Association to help international transaction, i.e. loan officers who do business overseas.

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Government Affairs Committee logo

Government Affairs Committee

The purpose is to advance the public policy agenda of the real estate industry. This committee studies legislation being considered locally, statewide and nationally that affects property owners. It conducts functions to foster a good working relationship with our elected officials. We support pro-real estate issues and urge policymakers to support/defeat ballot initiatives. We help elect REALTOR® champions who support our issues.

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 Green Committee Logo

Green Committee

Our mission is to make the knowledge of green real estate practices available to everyone and to encourage our industry to produce more sustainable new and existing homes. 

  • To provide green real estate professionals with the awareness and knowledge of green building principles applied in residences and communities. This allows agents to list and market homes with green features, as well as guide buyer-clients, in purchasing green real estate.
  • Encouraging green real estate professionals to be advocates in spreading the green philosophy and act as a positive force for creating sustainable and energy efficient communities.
  • Providing on-going information, tools, and support about green building features, thus enabling members to be leaders in the marketplace.


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Grievance Committee logo

Grievance Committee

The Grievance Committee is divided up into two teams, A & B, which meet on alternating months, and is a two-year appointment. This committee is responsible for reviewing all Ethics complaints filed against REALTOR® members, and all Arbitration requests filed between two or more REALTOR® Principals (Brokers). During the review process, the Grievance Committee will look at all supporting documentation provided to determine if the alleged complaint could "potentially" be a violation of the Code of Ethics, or in the case of an Arbitration Request, if a commission dispute is arbitrable. Potential complaints, both Ethics and Arbitration, are then moved forward to the Professional Standards Committee for a Formal Hearing.

Note: Prior to participating in Grievance Committee meetings, members must attend mandatory training.

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Leadership Academy logo

Leadership Academy

Purpose: To foster the interest and knowledge of active REALTORS®  of the local, state, and national REALTOR® organizations to encourage leadership volunteerism in the various boards and committees necessary for the success of our Association.

To help the participants better understand the unique challenges its members are facing in the current real estate landscape. Leadership Academy is designed to assist REALTORS® who want to get involved, make a difference, grow their businesses, and expand their leadership skills. Members will be mentored, inspired, empowered, and motivated to become the successful leaders they know they can be. Participants may attend a FREC hearing, joining the association in Tallahassee and other behind scenes Association events.

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MLS Committee logo

MLS Committee

Purpose: To develop and enforce procedures and governing rules to maintain a high quality of services provided by MLS. Reviews recommendations from MLS Users. Evaluates alternative services and modifications to the MLS computer system in an effort to enhance the MLS system for everyday REALTOR® usage.

We need "boots on the ground" members who use the MLS daily and regularly. Fine-tuning, training, and testing our Flex platform is a never-ending opportunity to get involved. If the MLS is something that you are interested in helping to maintain, please register to be part of this committee. You will meet approximately 12 times, one meeting per month.

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Professional Standards logo

Professional Standards

The Professional Standards Committee is a team of seasoned REALTORS®, and is a three-year appointment. Members of this committee are appointed to sit on Tribunal Panels to hear all Ethics and Arbitration cases involving potential violations of the Code of Ethics and Arbitration cases involving potential violations of the Code of Ethics and commission disputes. In an Ethics hearing, based on supporting documentation and testimony given by the parties, the Tribunal Panel decides whether a REALTOR® is or is not in violation of the Code of Ethics, and if applicable, recommends appropriate disciplinary action to the Board of Directors. In an Arbitration Hearing where there is a commission dispute, the Tribunal Panel will determine which party is entitled to the commission in question. 

Note: Prior to participating on the Professional Standards Committee, and sitting on a Tribunal Panel, members must attend mandatory annual training.

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Property Management logo

Property Management Forum

Purpose: Increases professionalism and income opportunities for all interested Space Coast Association of REALTORS® members through forums, roundtables, and other educational events. The committee also provides resources and consultation on leasing and management issues to the general membership.

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RPAC logo

Realtor's Political Action Committee (RPAC)

Purpose: Implements the annual RPAC fund-raising drives.

RPAC is not the Democrat or Republican Party. It is the REALTOR® Party where we put our money where our mouth is. Raising funds for lobbying efforts at the city and county local levels. Lobby efforts in Tallahassee and Washington, D.C. has been used to keep the mortgage interest deductible, prohibiting cities and counties from charging individual real estate agents a business license fee and keeping "mega-banks" out of the real estate business.

Raising awareness and money is a special gift that you may have - and we need you. Our RPAC goal is $790,450.

Looking forward we need to continue fighting for our rights, and the rights of our customers, and educating REALTORS® and consumers on the legislation that may impact our livelihood and homeownership!

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YPN logo

YPN (Young Professionals Network)

Purpose: Provides a business networking environment for REALTORS® who are considered "young professionals" to share ideas and connect with each other to tap into the resources that can help them succeed. Researches and report/demonstrate technological products and services to the general membership at least two times per year.

If you are under 35 (or feel like you're under 35) and want a place to volunteer, here it is! You are on top of technology, you're heart is for family and community and you can teach old dogs new tricks! We need you! Meetings will be once per month and it would be a great goal to report, teach, and/or demonstrate new technological products to the membership!

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