Lagoon Friendly

Love it Like a Local - Be Lagoon Friendly

We've partnered with the Brevard Indian River Lagoon Coalition in their new Love it Like a Local - Be Lagoon Friendly Program.

This program is designed to reach out to new homeowners, through their Realtors, to learn about our lagoon and lagoon friendly best practices. After all, Realtors have strong connections to their communities that always remind us that we are neighbors first, foremost, and forever.

Coming from other areas and states, newcomers may not be aware of how their daily actives can impact the Indian River Lagoon and our waterways, from lawn clippings to fertilizer uses, storm water runoff, native plantings, natural shorelines, and septic systems.

After the initial chaos of moving in, new residents will be invited to attend Coalition-sponsored Lagoon & Lagers events at local Brevard breweries, lagoon focused festivals, and the Coalition's Lagoon Straight Talk forums. These popular events will give newcomers the venue to meet new people and connect with groups offering volunteer opportunities in a relaxed venue.

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