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Florida Realtors Political Action Committee (FR-PAC)

In politics, money talks, and Florida Realtors PAC gives us a voice. When REALTORS® speak through Florida Realtors PAC, Tallahassee listens. And the more money Florida Realtors PAC raises, the louder we speak.

Many times, REALTORS® greatest victories receive no notice and little fanfare. An oppressive bill could die quietly in committee; an amendment that creates a tax on REALTOR® commissions could be unceremoniously pulled. The Florida Legislature introduces more than 4,000 bills each year. Florida Realtors® monitors each one and, when appropriate, works to influence the bill’s direction.

Florida Realtors PAC isn’t Republican; it isn’t Democrat; it doesn’t represent the independent voter; it doesn’t buy votes. It is simply a strong voice – and sometimes the only strong voice – fighting for Florida’s Realtors® and homeowners in Tallahassee.

Without Florida Realtors PAC, your voice in Tallahassee falls silent. Click here to learn more.

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I Give Because

Young profesional Brandi Gabbard gives to RPAC to ensure a vibrant market throughout  her real estate career. 


Florida Realtors PAC (RPAC) Won Big This Session

The 2017 Florida Legislative session saw big wins for Floridian businesses, families and REALTORS®.


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“In our fight to promote homeownership and protect REALTORS® from burdensome state regulations, we have two tools: a ‘call to action’ that lobbies lawmakers, and Florida Realtors PAC money that opens doors, recommends pro-Realtor politicians and gets us face-time with key leaders.Of the two, Florida Realtors PAC money wields the greatest influence.” – Eric Sain, 2012 Florida Realtors PAC chairman

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